Thursday, September 12, 2013

my best friend

Friend ...
at the moment we enjoy a lot of things together just missed it
the fun, jokes and laughter all flow away
tersisah time as her and can not accommodate the very short time to make me think of your best friend ..

All the memories - memories that do not seem, to leave all the excitement
and jokes and laughter you one by one disappeared blink of an eye
there are thousands and flashed a smile at the memory long ago

Friend ...
all we ever live day after day, time after time we have been through it all.

Many things that never happened because that's the way of life that we have
sometimes resentful, annoyed, and disappointed as well as a sense of fun and affection
was incredible, what we have been through together ..

Oh my God ...
guard and protect
my friends
because they are best friends forever